Benjamin Mayock is a composer and sound artist living in northwestern Vermont. Ben’s compositions strive to find the intersections between frequency, time and collected material. Text, music and sound captured from lakes, rocks, forests and fields make up the source material for Mayock’s work.

After graduating with a BFA from Bennington College with a focus in studio sound recording, Benjamin obtained an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. At CalArts he studied under Mark Trayle, Marc Sabat and Michael Pisaro. In 2008 Ben traveled to Amsterdam for a month-long residency at S.T.E.I.M. where he developed a series of sensors that transformed his prosthetic leg into a MIDI controller. 

Benjamin returned to Vermont, taking a job as a lake ecology educator and rowing coach on Lake Champlain. A lifelong outdoorsperson, Ben captures sounds and sights from his rural surroundings. Using field recording and photography to expand upon his compositions, Mayock strives to record, perform and present a contrivance that reminds the listener of an environment they’ve never seen but, seemingly, know well.